March 9, 2012

Kasual Kas - Brilliant [Video]

Let me start by saying that music is losing its feeling recently. It's rare to find a track that you can really feel how the artist felt while they were writing...except Adele (that girl is somethin' else). While I watched this video I felt inspired, sad, motivated and uplifted, but more importantly I felt.

This video has been long awaited by me, as well as anyone who follows Kas's career. The first time I heard this track, produced by famed producer Araabmuzik, on Radio Killer I knew it was special, but what Taranchino and Kas put together is magic. In what is supposedly his last solo video, Kas chronicles his story. The story of the struggle to make it, and how just when you think you did, it can all be taken away.

Enjoy the video as much as I did, and as much as Kas did making it. And more importantly try to really 'feel' the music you listen to.

And I know Kas would want me to throw this out there; Look out for Hollywood People Mixtape True Hollywood Story on March 31st.

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