March 4, 2012

John Mayer - Shadow Days

It's hard to believe the 23-year-old kid from Connecticut who used to sing about going back to high school after becoming a star has far surpassed his childhood dreams as the now 34-year-old John Mayer is set to release his 5th studio album, Born And Raised. After his success of his 2009 album, Battle Studies, Mayer hit a rough patch as this past Fall he needed surgery to remove an enlarged nodule in his throat dangerously close to his vocal chords. After months of rest, Mayer is back on track and is ready to release his new album May 22nd of this year. His first single off Born And Raised is titled 'Shadow Days' and will most definitely be heard on radio stations throughout the country, but for now get your first listen here at BTH. Enjoy!

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