February 20, 2012

MTV's 2012 Hottest MCs In The Game

Debate on the Top 2 Spots

Each year, a group of MTV panelists sit down to discuss who they think the hottest MC in the game is and each year the final list of top ten candidates are scrutinized by just about everybody. While the list doesn't always necessarily contain the most talented artists out there, they certainly do a great job of ranking the "hottest" artists. Which I guess is what it's all about, right? After all, this may be the only list we'll ever see again where the names Jay-Z and Meek Mill are placed right next to each other. This year the crown when to Maybach Music Group leader Ricky Ross. "M-M-M-Maybach Music". Need I say more?

Hit the jump to check out the full top ten list and make sure you hit the comments section to let us know who your top ten is.

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