February 15, 2012

Mac Miller Speaks On Big L, Shows Off Tribute Tattoo [XXL]

Mac Miller's 'Street Struck' Big L Tattoo

With today being the 13th anniversary of the unforeseeable passing of Harlem rapper Big L, XXL spoke with Mac Miller on Big L's influence on him, his Big L tribute tattoo, and more. Great to see a young guy like Mac shedding some light on one of the greatest. Most of his fans can learn a thing or two from him. Head on over to XXL for the full interview.
"I was 15 years old, around 2007, and the stuff on the radio was cool, but I just remember when I heard Big L, it was just so different than everything I was hearing. That interested me, because no one my age that I knew was listening to him. He was my favorite rapper, and at that time it was like, ‘”This is my favorite rapper, and no one else’s that I know. I was doing all this research. He really inspired me to be clever and witty. My early stages of rapping, I was basically trying to be like Big L—trying to be a super raw MC. That’s what he really inspired in me: to always keep that MC factor about myself and about my music."

Big L - Street Struck

Update: The trailer for Mac's 'Missed Calls' tracks is now available under the jump.

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