February 15, 2012

KiD CuDi Announces WZRD EP

Since the full-length WZRD album was pushed back to a February 28th release, we've heard nothing but good news from CuDi and Dot Da Genius including the second single, 'Teleport 2 Me, Jamie'. During Monday night's WZRD LP listening party, Cudi announced that another 5-track EP would be released sometime during the Spring or Summer.
“We are doing an EP already and it’s going to be coming out in a couple months,” Cudi told the crowd. “We just can’t stop making records. I made a new record the other day that’s really, really, really phenomenal. So we’re gonna put out this five-track EP just to fuckin’ put out some jams.” While Dot added, “The EP is gonna be great. Expect greatness.”
 Too soon to say if this is good news or bad news since we haven't heard enough material from the duo's first album, but at least we know that CuDi is serious about this new sound.

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