February 12, 2012

54th Grammys: The Offical BTH Performance Reviews & Videos

If you thought you were sick of 'Rollin' in the Deep' already, just wait...

The Grammys is the epitomy of music. And what would we be if we didn't do our own review right here on BTH?....a crappy site is what we'd be. The night was full of highs, highers, lows and even lowers. Hit the jump for a full recap of each performance along with a list of all the winners, but here's a little summary.

Killed it: Adele, Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, Country Music in general, anyone playing a Whitney Houston drinking game (too soon?), Nicki Minaj (hate to say it).

Another Night at the office: Chris Brown, Cold Play, Maroon Five, Rihanna, Bruce Springsteen

Give it a Rest: Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys (total age approx. 1,000 years)

Grammy Recap:

On the eve of the death of mega star Whitney Houston, the Grammys tuned down the show last night.
Leading off: The Boss doesn’t disappoint. Bruce Springsteen kicks off the 2012 Grammys in style with a flawless performance.

They wasted no time paying tribute to Whitney by showing her Grammy performance of “I will always love you”

Of course, Bruno KILLED his performance…but when does he not. You can’t not love this guy.

Bonnie Ratte and Alicia keys remember Etta James with their rendition of  Sunday Kind of Love.

CB shows he’s still got the best dance moves in the business with the performance of his newest single 'Turn Up The Music'. The colors really hooked me into this one…and it's Chris Brown. Beautiful people didn’t really do it for me this time around, that’s a tough sell to the knowledgeable public.

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson put together a touching, yet lackluster performance. Everything we’ve come to expect from country stars: great voices, but little mass appeal.

The Foo Fighters…need I say more? PERFECTION.

Ri Ri and Coldplay seem to have perfect cohesion. Rihanna performed mostly laying on the ground. Which may have helped her voice, because once she stood up her portion of the performance really sh*t the bed…as my father put it “the wonders of electronics”, although I found this to be one of her better live showings. Leave it to Chris Martin to save the f*ckin world once again.

How do you make the Beach Boys better? You add Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5. Oh, and Foster The People (yea the 'Pumped Up Kicks' guys). They actually nailed the Beach Boys sound! Btw..the Beach Boys are about 100 years old each, so it didn’t go as bad as it could have haha.

Paul McCartney was introduced by Stevie Wonder. All the respect to Sir Paul, but I would’ve much rather heard Stevie perform.

Who were those 2 hicks that opened for Taylor Swift? Well it doesn’t really matter because my soon to be wife put on a seriously country performance of her hit song 'Hate' (Grammy winning might I add). Taylor killed it with her hee haw banjo. She’s basically perfect.

Katy Perry could've used Russell Brand’s comic relief after the show she put on…thank god for all the flashing lights or people might have actually paid attention to her crappy voice…until a perceived malfunction which was staged. Then she starts repelling from the ceiling in a glass box, then her and her blue hair sounded like the Katy Perry we all love. Wtf?!

Adele, I half expected you to come back with a thing on your throat talking like Kane from the WWE. Instead she comes back with a stronger voice than ever. This girl is OUT OF CONTROL good at music. Super talented, best performance of the night thus far, by far.

This tribute to Glenn Campbell killed it. Country music is now in the forefront of music for sure!

Tony Bennett is THE MAN. The guy is classic. The performance was flawless. It's hard to put to words what he means to music.

Jennifer Hudson had some big shoes to fill. Whitney may have had her problems, but her voice was magic. Hudson did her best in paying tribute to the fallen Diva. She killed it.

Guetta, Deadmau5, Chris Brown, Foo Fighters, and Lil Wayne all come together for a monster dance music performance. I could've done without Wayne in pajamas, but the performance was a nice change of pace from what was mostly a somber night.

Nicki...I F*CKING HATE THE SH*T OUT OF YOU...but that was DOPE. You still suck, but that was some performance!

More Paul McCartney?...really? why?...oh wait he's doing Beatles songs? OK, you win.

The Winners

Overall a great show! Props to the Grammys this year...


Jennifer Hudson

Rihanna & Coldplay

Nicki Minaj

Chris Brown

Alicia Keys & Bonnie Raitt

Bruno Mars

Katy Perry

Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean

Taylor Swift

Foo Fighters

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

The Beach Boys With Maroon 5 & Foster The People

Paul McCartney

Glen Campbell Tribute

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