January 12, 2012

5 Rap Beefs We Would Like To See [Featured]

Slow days of posting around here might have us going a bit crazy. Hearing all this talk about beef between a rapper turned actor and an actor turned rapper gives us some ideas of other rap beefs that would be interesting to follow. While some may seem a bit far fetched, at least take a minute to understand the potential in music we can receive as a result or even just the possible humor in some of them. Hit the jump to peep the list.

Busta Rhymes vs. Lil Wayne

Situation: After getting signed to YMCMB in November, Busta begins to get frustrated about doing guest features for tenth string artists. At the same time he's not getting a strong push for his new album from the label. So, he takes his frustrations out on Wayne over a Bangladesh-produced track that just became the lead single for Tha Carter V. Bangladesh doesn't get paid for that beat either.

J. Cole vs. Wale

Situation: Wouldn't it be dope to see two of the youngest and most promising in the game go at it? Every generation of rap has two artists that are continuously linked. Getting tired of being compared to Wale, Cole finally snaps and drops a freestyle that subliminally disses Wale with a Seinfeld reference: "Pu**y stay out my lane/ I'm Jerry you more Elaine".

Shady Records vs. G.O.O.D. Music

Situation: Two of the biggest and most feared groups clash in what could become a blood bath. Maybe Kanye will state "Yelawolf hates black people" or he'll just get the impression that Crooked I looked at him funny. Either way, Maybach Music Group will feel really left out and start beef with G-Unit forgetting that they haven't made music since '08. Plus, 50 Cent's too busy feeding hungry children to be bothered with any of that childish behavior anymore.

Jay-Z vs. Kanye West

Situation: We're really not meaning to pick on Kanye, but you know this would most likely make world news headlines. During their first show at MSG since the renovations, Hov and Ye take NYC by storm to play a special performance for The Throne Tour. Kanye gets so amped up that he continuously restarts their performance of "Ni**as In Paris". After 22 times, Jay gets frustrated and walks off stage in the middle of the show.

Ludacris vs. Justin Bieber

Situation: Ludacris is busy getting back in the game by working hard on his eighth studio album, but Biebs is looking for a ghost-writer for his rap career. When Luda respectfully declines, Bieber drops a diss record to try and gain some hype for his upcoming mixtape. As a professional, Ludacris of course rebuttals the shots taken. He didn't really intend to make the kid cry though.

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